Wall SD, USA, nov 03 - nov 04, 2012

On the way to Wall we made a stop in Mitchell to admire the world's only Corn Palace. Every year it is decorated as the name suggests: with corn. :) Wall was our base to discover the Badlands national park. The village got famous because of a drug store selling coffee for 5 cents and giving out free ice water. :) In middle of the vast and fascinating plains rise these unexpected wonderful rock formations eroded by wind and water, which are part of the national park. We loved the scenery, the lines showing the different sediments and the lovely colors resulting from different minerals. From a distance we could admire a wild bison and could observe bighorn sheep and really cute prairie dogs! The badlands are, so far, my favorite place in North America and overall rank in the top 10 of our whole world trip. :)

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