Los Angeles CA, USA, dec 3 - dec 10, 2012

Los Angeles has its own vibe. Comprised of many neighbourhoods like famous Hollywood and Beverly Hills, it seems like never ending suburban sprawl to me. I loved the weather: finally sunshine again (paired with smog of course) and temperatures to rival Zurich's best spring weather. :) We stayed first with Jenny's friend Kumayl for a few days and then with Pam and Matt and their adorable son Calvin. I'm Calvin's new play buddy as it seems. ;) The Getty Museum is probably one of the nicest museum grounds I've ever seen, with gardens and views of downtown LA. The exhibits we saw were very interesting. My first visit to the Disneyland had to happen and we had a great time, despite having to wait quite a while for some rides. :D Another thing on the to do list was the walk of fame in Hollywood, where two police officers wanted to take a picture with me. ;)

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