Las Vegas NV, USA, dec 10 - dec 12, 2012

The landscape changed after leaving LA. No more palms and increasingly rugged desert. There's something about deserts I really like - maybe because I'd never experienced one before this trip. The different colors of the minerals, the sand dunes and tumble weeds amaze me. On our way to Las Vegas we drove through Death Valley. The name fits this fascinating place very well. :) We actually didn't gamble while in Vegas. We were too distracted by the ultimate kitsch of the casinos: From the modern Cosmopolitan to the kitsch Christmas decorations at the Bellagio, the fish tank at the Mirage, the over-the-top Roman themed Caesar's Palace, the gondolas at the Venetian to the live flamingos at the Flamingo Casino! We enjoyed our stay in this adult-Disney-insanity in the middle of a desert! :) A lovely piece of Americana, but we were also happy to leave after one day.

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