Diving at Beagle and Daphne, Galapagos, Ecuador, sep 18, 2012

We booked a two dive tour with Scuba Iguana. The dive shop has the best reputation on Santa Cruz Island and therefor not surprisingly the highest price too. Diving in Galapagos is not cheap by any means, but we really enjoyed it, despite the rather cold water temperatures! The photos marked with a star in the caption are from our dive guide Paulo. Our first dive site was Beagle: bottom time 50min, max. depth 18m. Second dive site was Daphne: bottom time 55min, max. depth 16m. Water temperature for both dives was 21 degrees celsius. Highlights: white-tipped reef shark, marbled ray, school of pelican barracudas, diamond ray, galapagos shark and a giant manta!

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