A lot of time and effort went into creating this site. Numerous swear words and late nights have resulted in what you're looking at - hope you enjoy it! Although I work in IT, I want to emphasize that webdesign is not my profession. It was a great learning experience and am glad to see that web technologies are developing in the right direction. Just a few years ago the possibilities seemed to be more limited and the rendering differences between the available browsers were, lets say nerve-wrecking.

Please note that the content on this website may not be reused without my written permisson. Just ask me if you want something for your project, I'm sure we can sort something out.

A big thank you goes to my love Jenny for being patient with me when I was working in "tunnel" mode, the support for my little project, all the proofreading and the design counseling.

I've used good old plain HTML (XHTML 1.0 compliant), CSS and Javascript. Yes, this site is flash free, just like Steve told us to do. Please keep your favorite browser up-to-date to enjoy this site in the best quality. It's a free and painless process (for those working in an enterprise environment who are stuck with an old browser: I feel your pain.) The site is best viewed with a WebKit or Mozilla based Browser such as Firefox, Chromium and Safari.

I've created this site while I was on my around the world trip, mainly in Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong, off and on from June to September 2011. Adobe Dreamweaver was my tool of choice on my 11" MacBookAir. All photos on this site are hosted on Picasa Web Albums.

Credits for Javascripts I used on my site: