train Myitkyina to Mandalay, Myanmar, feb 06 – feb 07, 2011

We traveled to Myitkyina in the hopes of getting a flight back to Mandalay, since our time in Myanmar was limited due to our visas. Unfortunately all the flights were fully booked for the next days. As tourists we were not allowed to take a bus, and returing by ferry would take too long, so we opted for the train. The train tracks date back to the British colonial time. The train wagons, on the other hand, seemed newer, but during our 20 hour ride we were often thrown about 30 cm into the air because of the bad condition the tracks were in. The wagons would literally jump! Perhaps not the safest way to travel, but it was a fun adventure. :) We shared a train coach with a lovely women and her son. She was very friendly and though spoke no English, we managed somehow to communicate. During the night it got freezing cold and the friendly women shared a direly-needed blanket with us.

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