ferry on the Irrawaddy river from Mandalay to Bahmo, Myanmar, jan 30 – feb 03, 2011

The ferry on the Irrawaddy river was one of the biggest highlights of our entire trip. Not many tourists travel further north than Mandalay, partially because there are no major sights in this region, partially because the government denies access to this region from time to time due to conflicts with local tribes. We had lucky timing as it was open for tourists when we were there. The landscape was fascinating. Pulling into small "harbors" at tiny villages and seeing goods being loaded and unloaded was very interesting. Our trip was scheduled for 2 nights and 3 days, but it took an extra night since we got stuck on a sandbank due to the low water levels. :) We got to know Ohmar and Elmer, who we met a few times later in Myanmar and Thailand. On my birthday we spent the night drinkig with the crew! :)

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