Kinpun (Golden Rock), Myanmar, feb 13 – feb 14, 2011

Kinpun is a small village at the base of Mt Kyaiktiyo. On top of the mountain is one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Myanmar: the golden rock. Legend states that the boulder maintains its precarious balance due to a precisely placed Buddha hair in the stupa. In a totally uncomfortable and overloaded truck you get transported up the mountain to a station with restaurants and souvenir shops. From there it is another 45 minute walk uphill to the stupa, during which you are very likely to sweat a lot. ;) The only other option would be walking up all the way, but that takes between 4 and 6 hours. Once at the stupa you are rewarded for your workout with an awesome view of the valley as well as lots of Buddhist devotees and the magically balanced, gold-leaf covered rock.

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